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Holiday for Students/Opera Singers who are not Italian

Accademia "Arte e Vita" di Breno Via Maria Santissima di Guadalupe, 7, 25043 Breno BS, Italia

Educational coordinator and direction of the campus: M° Francesco Marco Algeri Conservatorio “Luca Marenzio” Brescia – Darfo Boario Terme

Secretarial and organization: Associazione “Cieli Vibranti” Brescia

TeatroOpera R375


 • A proposal to deepen the knowledge of the operatic repertoire in Italian with instructors score, renowned singers and teachers of Italian Conservatory.

• An opportunity to visit places of interest and culture.

• A timely and efficient organization.

• Possibility to perform in public concerts end.


Lenght: 10 days When: July 2014

Where: Academy “Arte e Vita” Breno – Italy

Addressed to: up to 12 non italian opera singer with more than 18 years old (accompanying teachers)

Program of study: free Italian operatic repertoire (to be communicated to the organization at least one month before the start of the campus)


Regulation, program and form see the file in attachment

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